ER2537 designed specifically for audio enthusiasts U

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ER2537 designed specifically for audio enthusiasts U Monster Beats / SD card direct reading playback features, you can rest enjoy the songs of the U disk / SD card inside, which means the ER2537 do not need to rely on external sources can play music independently, experience another flavor of the music, this young family do not want to bound the original intention of the same nature.

From the cell performance parameters, the ear of God ER2537 cell configuration is undoubtedly very eye-catching: the subwoofer with 5.25 in. woofer, with wooden box, effectively inhibit the inward resonant, more powerful low frequency. Two satellite speakers with 3-inch midrange and treble units sound excellent high-frequency performance, suitable for near-field listening, but also very suitable for the Monster Beats Pro, the performance of the film scene.

In addition to the main and auxiliary machinery of the ER2537 wooden speaker box were shielded design, even if the user directly placed next to the computer monitor or TV, are not cause any interference to achieve the harmony between desktop devices.

In any case, as a 2.1 multimedia speakers, ear God ER2537 on the one hand to maintain good sound quality advantage and cost-effective performance, on the other hand combined with the entertainment habits of young consumers to increase the U disk, SD card playback, and special design and optimization new era connotations, given its functional fashion, sound shock ", fully able to meet the needs of the sound quality of the daily video games and other entertainment activities in the summer living by the home users, especially younger Monster Headphones Tour.

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