When the odd rich launched the G-708 appears in front of everyone

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When the odd rich launched the G-708 appears in front of everyone, I believe every friend will be amazing, attracted by the cold mirror design, bright reflective surface of the fuselage with a blue circle Beats By Dre, the fashion , dynamic combination of science and technology.

BLUELOVER: odd rich beautiful mirror headphones G-708

The flat paddle-microphone design to highlight the strength point of odd on the designer to the rich in headphone design, consistent with the overall design style, delicate paint has excellent feel.

BLUELOVER: odd rich beautiful mirror headphones G-708

G-708 as the model was awarded the Process Design Award - Cotton Tree Award, the compact size and many folding design headset is almost the same aesthetic design that people can feel the odd delicate thoughts of the rich product designers, fine work can be intoxicated in the body into a strong glass texture, when the finger across the smooth and unique shell, we can even use the skin to feel the surface of high-quality technology, the color concept of the mirror in his possession good show. The same time, the ear hook the fan shaft clamping force is also just right, with the soft sponge can guarantee the stable wear, does not affect comfort.


Odd to the rich the G-708 built-in 30mm the Denmark speaker unit (import a permanent magnet, aluminum coil, ultra-thin Monster Headphones Tour) can enhance the sound and smooth rate, the output sound quality transparent midrange and treble clarity, listen to music like the proximity to its environment. Impedance of 32 ohms, and can easily drive to any PC sound card.

BLUELOVER: odd rich beautiful mirror headphones G-708

Odd to the rich G-708 in addition to Simple wire design with professional noise-canceling microphone, rotary volume control and microphone mute button to temporarily turn off the voice input, to make the call more flexible. The design does not produce unilateral wire headset "winding" embarrassing.

In sum: The for headphones homogenization of the more serious the domestic market, the odd to the rich G-708 made in the design a lot of innovation, with a minimalist design on stylish mirror enclosure, grab the eye of the fans of the best machine, the absolute able to captured the heart of the large influx of people. Folding exquisite design and easy to carry, and its friends have the admiration of the heart is necessary in supermarkets across the country to seek it anyway. Singapore's Creative Technology Ltd. (Creative Technology Ltd.) is a renowned leader in the world of multimedia and digital Monster Headphones Ibeats. Its headphone products adhering to the usual audio advantage, and in appearance, function, design innovation. Since the release of the innovation Aurvana series of headphones, and well received by the industry and consumers at home, the Aurvana also become a shining star in the high-end headphones. Recent innovation in the headset industry action frequently, launched a series of fine headphones, headphone enthusiasts inspiring ears. Innovation today introduced a superior quality, stylish and colorful headphones - EP430.

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