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We are Demotix and we are looking for full time developers to become Demotix too!

Demotix (from demos/Δήμος, meaning ‘people’) is a multi-award winning photojournalism website and newswire:

We've been called "Journalism for the 21st Century" (Telegraph), the HuffingtonPost thinks we "may change the way news is reported", and TechCrunch reckon we're "reinventing the newswire". Another way of describing us is that we're citizen journalism on steroids: truly empowering (and paying for) local story-tellers around the world.

The site has been written in D6, many of your favorite modules and a fair few custom written ones, to create a site that's quite literally changing the world. We love the Drupal community and contribute modules, help and time to it.

What we can offer

  • Dynamic, small, hard working, international tech team, currently consisting of a_c_m (CTO / back end / project management / ass kicker) in UK, nunoveloso (senior devloper / module developer / UX / front end coding / backend / everything) in Spain, and jolidog (Designer / front end ninja / reactive design / css / themer) in Portugal.
  • High profile site thats growing - Over 1.5 million impressions a month, 10% growth every month
  • Large Drupal site - huge database, lots of modules, lots of active users, 1000+ of nodes created daily.
  • Internal training and challenging work
  • A job that makes you proud and isn't just another agency
  • A job that means your up to date with current affairs, Drupal and the world in general
  • A voice and influence over the tech direction and decisions powering the site
  • Cutting and bleeding edge projects (reactive design, RDF, payment system, FTP systems, stuff we've not even dreamed about yet etc)
  • No restriction on location, as long as you're great, speak good English and can be awake from 9am UK time, thats all we care about (a fast interenet connection might also be a good idea)

What we want in return

  • Enthusiasm and a willingness to learn / get stuck in

Thats it. Well, a few other things might help, but basically, the single most important thing is that you're passionate and interested in Demotix / news, what we do, what we stand for and Drupal!

What we ask for

  • Solid PHP skills
  • Knowledge of Drupal above the “I suck threshold”
  • Enough knowledge to be dangerous in one or more of JQuery, CSS, Mobile stuff, Linux stuff, SQL, Server stuff, Design, UX etc
  • Experience of the print / broadcast / News world

What you will be doing

  • Making Demotix work and making it work better!
  • Joining the small tech team, who, with the help of occasional consultants, do everything technical on the site
  • Helping the team pick tech paths, new features, arguing about design and generally making Demotix rock!
  • Daily scrum meetings with the team
  • Bi monthly scrum meetings with the wider Demotix team
  • Taking on ownership of your own pet projects inside the site
  • Contributing code back to Drupal
  • Partying with us at Drupalcons/Drupal Dev Days

How to apply

  • NO AGENCYS PLEASE! (any agency applying will be marked as spam)
  • DONT APPLY AS AN AGENCY! (i'm not kidding)
  • Answer the following questions in your first email to us (applicants that do not answer the questions, or at least try, wont get a reply)
    1. What is your user ID (if you have one)
    2. Can you give an example website you've built / been involved with and what you did on it
    3. Name a Drupal module you like and why (not in the top 10 most used, or top 100 if your feeling clever)
    4. Your IDE/editor and OS of choice
    5. What are you best at
    6. What do you want to improve
    7. What your most interested in
    8. Why do you want to work with us
    9. When can you start
    10. How much money do you want?
  • Send answers to the above and your CV to with the subject line "I want to get stuck in"
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